Double R: Remixes and Rarities

by A.R.K.


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Track Name: The Drug (J-$crilla remix)

Sample: Pure dope, pure dope/pumped on hard plastic (repeat 4x)

(Hey, Doctor Ock, they wasn't seeing this one coming, was they? The
Package, baby! We got what you need!)


Watch me turn this game on its ear
like Pancho Villa
The head honcho via
This bang in your speaker box
My lungs were sponsored by reefer spots
Dubs to nicks, n***a what's your fix?
Steady knock
to come ready rock (yeah)
Get heavy in the spot
then we hit the scene
Twist the green
Jump on stage
and spit the lean
You can tell I'm a pro'
how I pitch to fiends


I'm on your block with it
Up in your moms and barbershops wit it
Any venue becomes an event
Here's your opportunity
to cop straight from me
Plus the stamps is free
(Here you go, here you go, take that, you good)
19 cuts
10 bucks
can't beat it
Hip-hop has another
best kept secret
The Package is Grizz,
Doctor Ock and Dimension
The difference is
We pump dope
for your ears


Everybody looking for the euphoric
Whether you drink it
You sniff it
or you snort it
That's why I'm here
cuz I felt your pain
Let me sell you this game
(w)rapped in cellophane
"I say your body don't need it"
your conscience tells your brain
Until you inhale a-gain
Take a deep breath
Then look right
and leap left
Maybe then
you can cheat death
but you're hooked...

Sample: Pure dope, pure dope/pumped on hard plastic (repeat 8x)

(You know what that is? The drug! I see you! We got the game nodding
now....they wasn't ready for this (league?) The drug!)

set up a strip
everywhere we rip
Stack these chips
Next invest,
compound interest
Now the streets is in a mess
All a man dem stress
What ya deal wit?
No contest, everybody relate
Better numbers on the weight
Plus you ain't got to wait
It'll never be a drought
cuz we never running out
Worldwide, state to state
shipping out freights


Set up shop
on the track
I got that smack
24 bars to get it off
Yeah, when it's soft
Once it hardens,
it changes the margins
I can tell by your face
why we sell by the case
It's been okayed by God
It's okay to nod
Looking disturbed
in a pool of regurgitated words
Jars, pipes
baggies, hypes
stars, lights
stages, mics...
(It's all the same)


It went from nicks to dimes
from dubs to 50's
Halves to OG's
Half P's to 40 P's
Another hand, here's the O-zs
to them quarters and big eighths
Big eighths to half ki's
40 ki's, pirate your block
you loving it
and all the cities into it
The planet's feeling it
connected to these continents
Hip-hop's next dominant
Only verbs is vomited
Your body's relaxed
while your heart's Halley comet-ing
from the thump of the track
Intensely getting you smacked
not hush like shrooms
but intense like crack
Hallucinate off this acid rap
Fall back
It's the Package

Sample: Pure dope, pure dope/pumped on hard plastic (repeat 10x to fade)